Companies are looking for ways to persuade customers to buy their products. As a local endurance club, you have significant influence over your club members that is valuable to our sponsors.

Our network of sponsors is willing to invest in your endurance demographic in exchange for promoting their products. You do not have to go and look for sponsors, we do that for you. You can spend your valuable time doing what you love with your athletes.

There is zero risk to you, no cash comes out of your pocket. The management fee comes out of the sponsor’s contribution. Distributions are paid quarterly, based on fulfilling your commitment to the sponsor, which generally involves sharing promotional material via email and/or social media. Top sponsors may also require their logo to be placed on your jersey and/or club shirt.

The pool of sponsors you have access to as a member of the Alliance is significantly greater than who you have access to on your own. Large car manufacturers, for example, may not be interested in sponsoring a lot of smaller clubs. That costs them time and money to manage. We offer a one-stop shop for them, making their life easier.

If an Alliance-provided sponsor conflicts with your existing club sponsor – no worries! You have the opportunity to opt-out of the Alliance-provided sponsor.

If you don’t have an existing sponsor, but you do have a referral that leads to a sponsorship, then thank you - you get 10% of that sponsorship for the referral fee!

If your existing sponsor wants to join the Alliance, you get the greater of the 10% referral fee OR your existing sponsorship amount, only the incremental increase will go into the Alliance, at which time you’ll also be able to participate in the sponsor allocation pool.

So as you can see, there is nothing to lose, but much to gain! If your club is a good fit for the Endurance Alliance, contact us: 

We'll find sponsors for you, so you can spend more time doing what you love