In the DFW Metroplex, there are over 3,000 triathletes, who make an average of $126,000 per household, as published in the 2014 USA Triathlon Membership Report - updated in August 2015. These athletes spend about $4,000 per year on training equipment, plus spend more on quality food and frequently travel to race destinations, by car or plane.

Through the Endurance Alliance, you get access to about 400 active club members, spread across 4 well-respected local clubs. Each club is a manageable size, with a handful of coaches, so there is always close contact with someone who has influential personal relationships with their club members. The Endurance Alliance fills a void created in the digital age, since it becomes more difficult and costly to reach your target audience. These athletes aren’t watching TV, most of their time is spent training with their clubs and on social media sharing their club stories. They often post about products they use and speak directly to their circle of friends on those products behalf. A sponsorship in the Endurance Alliance is your “in”! In addition to the active membership, the exposure of each club goes well beyond the active club membership, with thousands more exposed to these clubs through their social media following.

The Endurance Alliance monitors the clubs to ensure messages get delivered and logos get displayed. Instead of investing in 4 local clubs individually, you just have one relationship who does the detailed work for you.

Sponsorship Levels
Our Community Partners may choose from the following packages:

  • Qualifier package gets a Press Release on the Endurance Sportswire, visibility on the Endurance Alliance website and Affiliate websites, as well as grassroots member marketing
  • Finisher package gets the above, plus 1 message/quarter
  • Podium package gets the above plus 2 messages/quarter and your logo placement on the back of our kits and exclusivity
  • Overall package receives the above plus 1 message/month, prominent logo placement and included in all club emails
  • World Champ package includes the above plus several messages/quarter and your choice of logo placement


Our end-users don’t just buy endurance sports equipment and nutritious food, they also have bank accounts, take out loans, buy homes, buy insurance, ship packages, go to the doctor, you know – anything else people in that demographic do. They want to spend money, and they would rather do it with training partners who invest in their club. Our athletes live a healthy lifestyle and are positive role models with their friends. Get noticed and join the Endurance Alliance! 

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